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    About us

    Fujian Ronglin Plastic & Metal industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale project invested in China by the famous Maspion Group in Indonesia which was established (by the patriotic entrepreneur Lin Xueshan). Set up in 1988,the Company’s accumulated investment has totaled 0.12 billion RMB yuan. At present, it has a modern industrial plant covering a floorage of 80,000 square meters and a square area of 130,000 square meters. To ensure product quality, the Company has raised funds to import advanced production equipment and technologies from the United States, Italy and Japan, etc. It adopts the age-old technique from its head company to manufacture household article series in the “Maxim” “Royce” brand.

    The Company formed by Hardware Branch Plant, Stainless Steel Branch Plant, Plastic Branch Plant and Facility Mould Shop. After more than 30 years’ developing, the Company has produced Health-Care Vitreous Series Cooker, Ultra-Hard Series Cooker, Ceramic Non-Stick Series Cooker, Stainless Steel Series Cooker, Daily Plastic Goods and so on 5 series more than 200 products. The quality of the products is so good that are sold to The United States,Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on more than 10 countries, areas and various Middle or Big cities Domestic, attracted by most customers. The Company is rewarded as “Fuzhou Overseas Investment Pioneer Enterprise” “Profit Tax Hundred Compel Enterprise” “Exported Model Enterprise” “Taxation Advanced Company”“Fujian Province Technical Supervision”several times.
    The 21st century not only provides opportunities but also challenges. Acknowledging this, the Company will continue to upgrade its product quality and improve its after-sale service system by basing on scientific and technical innovation whit a brand-new managing idea. It will try its best to create more benefits to repay its customers and distributors.